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Applied Research & Innovation

Ms. Helen Brown

Senior Manager: Applied Research & Innovation Projects

Applied Research and Innovation unit’s value proposition

This unit is designed to support the conceptualisation and management of applied research & related innovation projects,

which are geared towards solving skills related problems through developing & testing scalable solutions. The findings and recommendations of this work have relevance in the qualitative content of the merSETA Sector Skills Plan and Strategic Plan.

The intention of embracing new knowledge domains related to skills development also serves the objective of supporting greater efficiency (systems) and effectiveness (quality development of skills produced) of the merSETA’s support to its stakeholders. The formulation and execution of such work is programmed within limits of discretion set by Executives and the Accounting Authority. Organisation of work also includes applied research and innovation projects scoped by Chamber Committees in the interests solving problems and testing skills related solutions that are unique to each Chamber.

Key Innovation Instruments

1. PhD and Masters funding support

This instrument is designed to enrich the following knowledge systems:

  • for TVET scholarship in teaching learning and assessment;
  • for manufacturing and engineering related technology innovation that would achieve manufacturing growth and improved productivity within manufacturing systems;
  • for professional development of existing lecturers based at public Universities and TVET Colleges.

2. Higher Education Institution development funding.

This instrument is limited to public universities who have the potential to develop the relevance of their offerings to the manufacturing and engineering related disciplines. It includes support for the development of related research chairs that have links to the merSETA Sector Skills Plan and Strategic Plan.

3. Science Council collaboration.

This instrument is specifically designed to conceptualise and develop a response to Skills 4.0