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More Manda

Senior Manager: Strategy and Planning

Knowledge Management Unit

In a dynamic and ever-changing skills development ecosystem,

merSETA recognises and believes that an environment that promotes free and open knowledge sharing is critical to the success of the organisation. The role of Knowledge Management is to ensure the efficient and systematic management of knowledge generation, organisation, storage, sharing and use so as to add value to the core business of the merSETA. This is increasingly becoming more important in the knowledge economy where knowledge has become a strategic and most valuable resource for any institution.

The unit works closely with the Research and Sector Skills Planning unit in publishing and disseminating merSETA research products which include; research articles, bulletins, fact sheets, policy briefs and conference papers. The unit is also responsible for sourcing policy, strategy and related skills development and labour market information that is critical in Sector Skills Planning (SSP) and skills development research.

Mechanisms have also been established to disseminate latest news, trends and information relevant to the merSETA and the skills development ecosystem.

The unit also manages the knowledge repository for the systematic storage and organisation of knowledge resources and research produced at the merSETA for easier access, searching, retrieval and dissemination.